Zizzz Swisswool Sleeping Bag (70cm. Kermit Green)


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Natural and sustainable- for a healthy and happy future.
Zizzz baby sleeping bags; for natural and comfy sleep!
Zizzz uses patented Swisswool filling instead of synthetic fibres. It is 100% natural and highly breathable. You can use it all year round.
The wool helps to regulate body temperature for better sleep. Zizzz baby sleeping bags are 100% natural.
For the inner lining we use the finest bio cotton just to make your baby even more comfortable.

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Product Description
Natural and sustainable - for a healthy and happy future. Zizzz baby sleeping bags; for natural and comfy sleep! Swisswool filling – 100% natural. no synthetics – Swiss design. Swisswool is made out of 88% virgin Swiss wool and 12% vegetable fibres. It is 100% natural and washable! When you sleep you lose moisture. babies do as well. Almost all other sleeping bags have a polyester filling. Zizzz has Swisswool. With polyester filling the moisture stays trapped between the fibres and the skin. Do you know that sweaty and clammy feeling Not very nice if you sleep more than 5000 hours a year. as the average baby does. Wool fibres help to transport the moisture away from the body. Breathability – for better more natural sleep The materials Zizzz uses are highly breathable. The wool helps to regulate the body temperature. It helps to keep the body warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. A baby that gets cold will wake up easily and scientists see overheating as a cause for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Zizzz. designed for comfortable and safe sleep. Sleep more comfortably with Swisswool because Zizzz sleeping bags are: High Breathability; Helps to regulate temperature; Sustainable; 100% natural; Toxin tested; Hypoallergenic; Machine washable at 30°C. Comfort – baby sleeps better. and so do you. Comfortable babies sleep for longer and more restfully. Did you know that sleep is crucial for your baby's brain development So creating the right sleeping conditions will benefit your baby. Comfort is also ease of use. Check for example the travel feature on the bags for 6-24 month old babies. It fits easily in a baby carseat or stroller. Our product are for everyday use and they are easy to clean and maintain. Natural and sustainable- for a healthy and happy future. Sustainability is important for your children’s future. We use carefully selected and researched natural and sustainable materials. Our fabrics are tested for toxins to create a pure. safe and healthy sleep environment. For the inner lining of our baby sleeping products we use soft and silky biological cotton. It is kinder to the skin and it is grown without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Every little step towards a greener world counts. Some tips for safe sleep: - Place your baby on his back to sleep. - Do not cover the head of your baby while he sleeps. - Check the size of the sleeping bag; Do not use a sleeping bag if the child’s head can pass through the neck-hole when the zipper is closed. - Let your baby sleep in a crib or a cot. - Do not let your baby overheat. - Experts recommend a room temperature between 16°C and 21°C. - Do not use blankets or duvets in combination with a sleeping bag. - Zizzz sleeping bags size 0-6 months are suitable for babies weighing at least 4kg. Please take good care of me! Can be washed in Machine wash. Use wool cycle or delicate cycle at 30°C. Don’t forget to use a wool detergent! Do not tumble dry. Iron up to 110°C / 230°F.
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